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Phantom Ranch - The Grand Canyons best kept secret

Phantom Ranch - The lottery of a lifetime.

Hiking, Lodging

Phantom Ranch: Its do i find it?

The Grand Canyons Phantom Ranch experience is one of the hardest reservations to tackle in the US National Park System. Here are a few tips that will help you take a shot at the Phantom Ranch lottery.

Start by reading the instructions on the current operators website. The National Park Service contracts services such as lodging, food & beverage, tours, etc. to private companies that provide these services. For current concession information regarding Phantom Ranch Please click here.

Additionally, the National Park Service provides details and general information for those seeking the Phantom Ranch adventure. You can find information on the NPS website by clicking here. 


PHANTOM RANCH can be accessed by hiking, mule, raft, and there are a significant amount of image and video resources online.  Mule rides and hiking in the canyon are as old as adventure itself.  The Park Service has been recording mule rides for visitors that began over 100 years ago and this is a beautiful way to experience the pristine environment of the Grand Canyon. There are both cabins and dormitories and meals are pre-orded during the reservation process - and YES only those with a reservation can spend the night at this historic and majestic site at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. 

Here are the NATIONAL PARK CENTRAL quick tips for making this adventure dream come true:

You are already an impressive adventurer for seeking to put this rare experience on your bucket list.  Planning the visit to Phantom Ranch is definitely part of the adventure. Please subscribe to National Park Central for more infomation regarding Phantom Ranch and other exclusive National Park Travel information.

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