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National Park Travel Planning Resources - Locating Guides and Attractions

Finding the right Guide, Event or Attraction requires research

National Park reservations activities and guides


Guides, Events, Attractions - Prepare yourself for Adventure!

Finding a guide inside most park is as easy as searching google - "Yellowstone plan your visit" - you will find the parks have a page for all authorized contractors within the park, and sometimes they provide information regarding outside park resources. 

On the local NPS page you will find a list of vendors with contacts.   Most vendors take advance reservations, but there are many experiences that are first come first serve.  Contact a local expert on the and get insights into the best time and season for a variety of activities and adventures. 

The challenge will often come from the vendor/operator. The park seasonal fluctuations make it difficult to operate in a consistent manner, and often these vendors function in remote locations.   Vendors, contracts, and incumbent concessionaires change on a consistent basis, and often without notice.  Research and plan each activity on your schedule - you will find value and piece of mind at the end of your trip. 

National Park Central provides a Q&A email function that allows subscribers to ask Local Experts questions regarding their local park.  This insider knowledge provides strategic planning information will often save time and money. 

Visiting a National Park should be an Adventure, not a missed opportunity!


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How do I find a GUIDE or ATTRACTION

The local NPS park website will provide a list of all authorized guides in the parks "plan your visit" section. In addition, you will find a list of Attractions, Activities, and Park basic travel planning information.

Are there Guides outside the Parks?

Yes, often there are guided experiences near and alongside of the National Parks that provide unique opportunities. If your planning to travel to a park for a specific activity it is a good idea to contact one of our Local Experts for suggestions.

Guide Reservations

All guide services operating within the boundaries of the park are required to have some form of advance reservation system unless they do not accept them.

How do I find a Local Expert

As a subscriber to National Park Central you have access to the Adventure Q&A email. Send us a message and we will answer within 24 hours.

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